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Selling? Buying? Helping others to buy and sell real estate? Take the ARRRGGGHHHH out of the process, and let Ro and her guests help you break it down step by step. There is no one size fits all in Real Estate, and this gal and her guests will throw you 6 ways to help you through what can feel like a maze. Hosted by Rowena Patton, the author of the best-selling book on real estate, "Find Your Unique Value Proposition", and host of the 10yr long radio show live broadcast, Real Estate News Radio. In this podcast, she helps consumers explore different strategies for buying and selling real estate, removing the stress and making it fun, wherever possible! Real estate innovation, particularly in technology, is constantly changing, and as a consumer you should benefit from this, not get lost in the weeds! Listen to real estate in Plain English. We want to hear your QUESTIONS for the radio show and podcast - please post them here

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